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Tokyo Ghoul [Amoneki] Tsukiyo


title: 「月夜 」 (Moonlit Night) [part 1] [part 2]
pairing: Amoneki (Amon Koutarou × Kaneki Ken)
artist: くろ (Kuro)
translator&tl notes — sunset-tower:

More Amon/Kaneki gorgeousness from くろさん with accompanying translations :)

*Permission was given by the artist to translate and upload this, and this permission can be seen in the comments section here. (You can also find the artwork on that page.) Please do not repost without permission. Please go to pixiv and rate if you enjoyed it :)

*Please note that this version has been edited. View the original translation here.


Kaneki: Eh? Hinami…? We got separated…
And just when I managed to find something we could possibly eat…

[Coffee-flavoured shaved ice]


Kaneki: But if it’s Hinami I’m sure she’ll find me soon. The ice will melt so I’ll eat fir–


Kaneki: Ah.

Amon: I–I’m very sorry!

Kaneki: I haven’t even eaten a single bite…


Amon: I’m sorry, it was my carelessness…
Allow me to compensate for this.

Kaneki: Eh.


Amon: Hmm?

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