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you know how koujaku thought aoba looked sexy when he was sleeping and listening to his music

well jesus christ look at this shit anyone would think he’s sexy this boy booty game so strong it’s tearing a hole in my fucking screen also he’s blushing like a fuckin virgin with bedroom eyes of a dog in heat and moaning while touching his sides like he’s his own lover what the ever loving fuck Aoba like is being a bottom just your natural state what what what im so mad



i love when teachers talk shit about other classes

(Fuente: heteroh)


Alt ending where Aoba is lives with Mink but gets at least 3 calls a week from a drunk, hysterical Koujaku who alternates between crying, begging aoba to come home and yelling at him, telling him he has daddy issues and needs to rethink his life choices before he starts painting with the colors of the wind


i can’t decide if clear’s life talk is extremely motivational or extremely depressing


say what u will about bl but dmmd is fuckin deep