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Dante... I love you... so much!
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I always get so frustrated over how a lot of fanartists who draw DaNero arts end up ‘cheating’ their way out of drawing Nero’s Devil Bringer by drawing it wrapped up in bandages.

One of the most awesome things about the pairing is that Dante really doesn’t give a damn about how Nero is different…




say what you want about mink but you can never deny that given a horror movie au he would be the only survivor

what do you MEAN clear won’t SCARE THE GHOSTS AWAY with his G I A N T DONG ???

ok then mink and clear live everyone else fucking dies because they are all stupid little shits

I think I'm in love with kizami. Do I have your permission to marry him?


yes of course anon!! just please remember to stay safe and restrain your kizami at all times, and make sure you remove all sharp objects from your household!